Warren County Chamber Alliance Presentation

by Shelby Armstrong on October 15, 2014

Michelle Class, President of Marketing with Class, Jeanne Bruce, COO/CFO at HyperQuake, Jack Kaser, CEO of NEXTLevel Business, and Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO & Owner of Intrinzic, Inc. collaborated for a presentation on October 14th 2014, for the Warren County Chamber Alliance. Titled, “Establishing and Marketing Your Brand for Maximum Impact!” Jeanne, Jack, and Wendy engaged […]

Are You Sure Clients Love You AND Your Firm?

by Michelle Class on September 29, 2014

We’ve all been there; we lose a client we “thought” loved us! So, knowing what you did wrong or didn’t do (assuming they told why they were leaving)… how do you guarantee all your clients love your relationship and the relationship with your company in the future? A huge thank you goes out to Jennifer […]


Is Your Company Truly a Class Act?

by Michelle Class on September 25, 2014

We, for obvious reasons, love Harvey Mackay and his enthusiasm about how companies can and must be a “class act.” After all, when you have Class in your company name, you must abide by Mackay’s definition: “a deep-seated way of life for those who possess it – good manners, politeness, pride without showboating, empathy, humility […]

Picture it: You’re heading to a concert tonight to see your favorite band perform. You’ve been waiting for weeks and the excitement is growing rapidly. However, when you get there and the band comes out on stage the lead guitarist doesn’t have a guitar. As the rest of the band starts to play, the guitarist […]

The Marketing Power of Customer Feedback

by Michelle Class on July 11, 2014

A Client Story Demonstrating the Impact of Customer Surveys How confident are you in the customer service quality your business provides? Are you certain about where the opportunities are for improvement and growth? The individuals at Nickerson Business Supplies, an office products supplier to tri-state companies, were pretty confident that their customer service was great.  […]

Growing Together: MWC and Eye 4 Design Interiors

by Sarah Seidel on April 30, 2014

It’s every business owner’s dream to see her company grow. Only a handful can say that growth came relatively quickly and easily but Sharon Colvill, co-owner of Eye 4 Design Interiors, is one of them.  Marketing with Class, growing rapidly itself, is familiar with the marketing needs of a booming business and was ready to help them capitalize on that growth. In the […]

Nish Tech, Inc. and Apollo Home, both clients of Marketing with Class, were recently named finalists for the 2014 Cincinnati USA Business Awards, formerly the Small Business Excellence Awards.  The honor recognizes outstanding performance, economic contributions and leadership excellence among various sized businesses throughout Greater Cincinnati. Apollo Home is a residential and light commercial service […]

Elevating and Aligning your Digital Brand

by Michelle Class on April 23, 2014

There is no question that the internet has changed the dynamics of marketing and has made many traditional marketing strategies obsolete.  Now, there are an endless number of ways that consumers and businesses can connect to brands, leaving the door open for an even greater number of impressions and opinions. The online community is continuously […]


Ways to Attract the Right Clients to Your Firm

by Michelle Class on April 2, 2014

As 2016 begins, there are a variety of things that accounting and technology firms struggle with… one of them is how to say “no” to a prospect – and it’s even harder if it was a referral from a strong relationship source. I know you’ve been there… in a prospect meeting and your gut reaction screams “this […]


Why You Should Hire a Professional Content Developer

by Michelle Class on March 26, 2014

Writing is a valuable skill.  Most people write something every day – an email, text, employee communication, a proposal or even a presentation.  The challenge comes when there is a need for detailed content to target and attract a bigger audience.  And you need those people to read and engage.  Understand it and use it. […]