Client Service

5 Components of a Client Touch Program

by Michelle Class on March 18, 2013

Every company should have a plan on how they are going to stay in front of their clients – primarily, to ensure you retain them! We’ll go through the basic components of a client touch program to help you get started. Start by brainstorming all the current touch points you have with clients; odds are you […]

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Why You Should Cultivate Your Existing Clients

by Michelle Class on March 7, 2013

Cultivating your clients is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Cultivation is nurturing, caring, and helping foster growth with your existing client base. While it is important to acquire new clients, building and enhancing the relationships with your existing ones is inimitable. “It Cost 7 Times More to Acquire […]


How to Harvest Low-Hanging Fruit

by Michelle Class on January 7, 2013

As companies become more focused on growth and all the strategic initiatives associated to grow, look to the “low-hanging fruit” – the obvious place to begin establishing the additional revenue your company desires. Low-hanging fruit represents the clients you currently possess strong relationships with that trust and believe in your company, products or services. Searching […]


Don’t Be Afraid To ROCK Your Client’s World

by Michelle Class on April 11, 2012

With the massive amounts of information that come to us each and every day – an equivalent of 174 newspapers of data – it is no wonder why client service has suffered! What it comes down to is simply not taking the time to learn about or acknowledge the accomplishments of your clients. Here are […]