Content Marketing Part 1: Have A Strategy

by Michelle Class on January 6, 2016

We need strategy for a lot of things. From executing that project at work to the easiest way to get our children from school to practice to home and everything in between. Strategy is a big part of our everyday lives. It’s no different in B2B marketing. Having a documented content marketing strategy has proven […]

Email Marketing : Segmenting and Targeting

by Michelle Class on December 15, 2015

Email is not dead; it can be challenging, but it’s not dead. The death of email as a successful marketing tactic has been overly exaggerated. This nearly free platform is in use now more than ever by most B2B and B2C marketers. We’ve just gotten more sophisticated in how we get messages to our audience(s)! […]

The Best Way to Catch a Fish Is to Drop Them a Line

by Michelle Class on January 2, 2015

Fishing is a pastime that I have learned to enjoy; whether it’s with family, alone, or even watching Tim Farmer on the TV show Kentucky Afield. I know I’m in the minority of people who call it a sport, but I truly believe it takes practice, dedication and drive to succeed. Would you plan to […]

Why You Should Hire a Professional Content Developer

by Michelle Class on March 26, 2014

Writing is a valuable skill.  Most people write something every day – an email, text, employee communication, a proposal or even a presentation.  The challenge comes when there is a need for detailed content to target and attract a bigger audience.  And you need those people to read and engage.  Understand it and use it. […]


Creating and developing a newsletter, or electronic newsletter, can be difficult for businesses that do not have experience doing so before and it can also be an arduous process for those who have done it for years. Therefore, some companies create newsletters ineffectively or not at all. But having a newsletter is extremely beneficial to […]


5 Components of a Client Touch Program

by Michelle Class on March 18, 2013

Every company should have a plan on how they are going to stay in front of their clients – primarily, to ensure you retain them! We’ll go through the basic components of a client touch program to help you get started. Start by brainstorming all the current touch points you have with clients; odds are you […]

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Everyone loves the holiday season, right?! It’s a great time to tell your clients you are thinking of them, even when everyone else is telling them. Let’s not let let your company miss out on the importance of all of the fun, festivities and recognition! Clients To show your clients that you care and are thinking […]


What My 8 Year Old Taught Me about Being an Entrepreneur

by Michelle Class on November 9, 2011

This summer, my daughter started expressing her entrepreneurial spirit. Though she is only 8, she has watched me move from corporate America to running my own business. This transition has been over the past year, so she has been gleaning ideas from me on how to run her business venture (well, she’s had a few). […]

Technology Hampers Communication, Again!

by Michelle Class on October 27, 2011

I visited a reputable company today only to find me waiting on the owner who did not realize that we had a meeting.  What’s funny is the reasoning…which we can all relate! He just purchased a new Droid smartphone, not all appointments were perfectly transferred, and well, the past few days have been transitional for […]