Marketing with Class (MWC) is proud to offer consultative marketing services to B2B companies, specifically the following industries:

  • Accounting / CPA
  • Construction
  • Law Firms
  • Technology

Accounting / CPA

CPA firms are one of our main focuses because we know the industry well. We know the accounting industry, key issues marketing professionals and partners face, and are familiar with best practices in the industry. Our capabilities include strategic planning, client communications, e-marketing, and more.


We work with construction companies, engineering firms, and companies in the construction industry to ensure the creation and implementation of a marketing plan that will work for them. Every construction company has unique needs, brand positioning, and challenges, so we create a marketing plan as unique as they are. We do this by differentiating their brand from the competition and developing their marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Law Firms

Attorneys and law firms have unique needs for marketing, public relations, and communication initiatives. Legal communications are regulated by state bar associations, thereby causing law firms have to have to market their business differently than other businesses to comply with regulations. We guide clients through a focused and practical approach to get the most from their marketing, public relations, and communication efforts.


No matter where your organization fits in the growing spectrum of high-tech industries, aligning marketing and sales is critical to enhancing productivity, catalyzing market opportunities, and capturing a competitive advantage for your business. Our technology expertise allows us to execute an effective marketing plan to navigate the high tech marketing world.


Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation to learn more about how we can help your firm stand out in the crowd.