Law Firms

MWC collaborates with TPM to offer outsourced marketing services to law firms. We build strategic marketing programs and effectively implementing them for law firms, practice groups and individual attorneys.

We provide marketing services for the legal industry in three main areas:

  1. Current Client Cultivation – How are you effectively communicating your service offerings to your clients?
    • Website development – We facilitate, manage and monitor your firm’s website. If you need to build a new site, enhance your current site or add new content, such as blogging, videos, or podcasts, we can help showcase your knowledge and experience.
    • Marketing materials – We work to communicate the right messages and build marketing materials for your firm and the associates (if specialty areas are present), in both electronic and print formats.
  2. New Client Acquisition – Have you developed a plan to acquire new clients? Is it working? Do you need new ideas?
    • Circle of Influencers – We work to help identify the “right” influencers for your referral network plan. Our three-step process will help identify, engage and drive referrals to increase the amount of opportunities that are presented to you and your firm. Community Impact – We evaluate your current community initiatives, reach and relationships to ensure you are focused on the right initiatives to drive opportunities.
    • Prospect Development – We analyze your current database to ensure you are prospecting to the correct target audience for your business. Additionally, we can assist with the proposal research and development process.
  3. Branding / Image – Does your personal and/or Law Firm brand effectively reflect the image that you wish to portray in the marketplace?
    • Networking and More – We assist with growing your network (online and in person), confirming you are focused on the right networking events and individuals, all while using a focused approach to attaining more opportunities.
    • Speaking Engagements – We build individual marketing plans that help identify and cultivate relationships. One primary area in which you can expand your thought leadership is speaking engagements. Our event PDP (pre-during-post) analysis process ensures you are speaking to your target audience, focused on the most important topics and building yourself as a leader in your target industry/practice area.
    • Social Media / Blogs – We develop LinkedIn profiles for you and/or your firm and use social media to expand your firm’s reach. We also launch blogs, then research and draft regular blog posts.

What Makes MWC Different