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Marketing with Class

Assisting clients any way has always been the focus and passion behind MWC. By providing strategic vision, implementation help, and the tools necessary to do the work, clients enjoy working with us. We work closely with companies to achieve the results they desire.

This isn’t every Marketing Consultant’s credence… most keep their tools secret and clients pay them to do the work. Guess we’re wired differently; we like to teach and train you (if you so desire).

Introducing… Master Marketing with Class

Our tools aren’t 100% finalized yet (unsure they ever will be, as we keep creating more), but we’re excited we began sharing them. Our plan is to launch a new product every few months and be accessible to anyone for consultation on marketing matters.

Marketing planning can be a challenging process. With over 20 years of experience building marketing plans and implementing them, it was time to develop easy-to-follow tools to assist companies with building strategic marketing plans. With several resources completed, we will break what can be a painful project into manageable tasks.

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Master Marketing with Class Defined


Marketing professionals think differently. Our lead consultant thinks differently. That’s why companies hire us to help them strategize and implement the best programs for their companies. We took our knowledge and processes, turned them into documented tools. We offer these tools to companies seeking to lessen their consulting fees, learn the steps involved to be successful, and to customize the tools to their needs.

Our 20+ year of proven marketing consulting experience, as well as the tools, can assist you with performing analysis, building strategy, and making an impact.

Stuck? Need to brainstorm your ideas / projects?

We are here to help. Purchase a 30- or 60-minute consultation to get the answers you seek.


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