Michelle Class, President of Marketing With Class, has been chosen to give a presentation at this year’s AICPA Construction Industry Conference on December 4th, 2014.

With a presentation titled, “Marketing and Construction Do Mix!” Michelle will be covering how marketing can be implemented successfully for construction companies. This presentation will give CPAs working in the construction industry and construction company executives ideas on how to use marketing techniques successfully for their business. Topics covered will include:

  • The highest impact marketing initiative that construction companies utilize to win business is relationships, but what other initiatives will work?
  • When it comes to marketing, budgets vary. What should you be spending on your marketing and what should things cost?
  • Should you make the most of your existing staff, hire a marketing professional or outsource? Understand your options.

The 2014 AICPA Construction Industry Conference is designed to bring top industry experts together to share their insights and experience to help navigate through the modern construction industry. With presentations being given on four main industry niches, CFO, Accounting and Auditing, Tax, and General topics, this conference is designed to give attendee’s valuable knowledge and know-how to implement and make their business better.

Michelle is excited to attend this event and is looking forward to meeting and speaking with professionals from the construction industry. If you are attending, leave a comment below and let’s connect on LinkedIn!