Barrister-Marketing-Group---CincinnatiAt Marketing with Class, we are excited to announce our new collaboration with Strategic Advisers and Three Point Marketing to establish a specialty firm: Barrister Marketing Group.

Never fear, the services provided to our existing clients will not change – we’ll just have even more resources available!

This joint venture with Strategic Advisers and Three Point Marketing will be providing strategic marketing, communications, and public relations strategies and executions exclusively to law firms and lawyers — along with branding and communication strategies. The company also provides digital communication services, such as website design and development, social-media strategy and execution, SEO and local search, online content development, email marketing, video production, and pay-per-click advertising. Barrister Marketing Group provides a marketing solution that helps law firms attract new clients, retain existing clients, and grow referral sources. After having conversations with lawyers, we the founders all realized that law firms have a unique need for professional marketing services that wasn’t being met in the Greater Cincinnati area and decided to change that.

For Marketing With Class, this partnership means a great opportunity to grow. Marketing with Class has been serving CPA firms for years and because both CPA and Law firms fall in to the professional service category, our knowledge of CPA firms is easily transferred and used in the law firm industry. Being part of Barrister Marketing allows Marketing With Class to reach a niche of clients that had been previously unavailable. Offering services to law firms is one thing; offering services to them with the right team in place, like the Barrister Marketing team, is another. With former attorney Jay Fossett providing valuable insight to the world of law firms, the team is ready to offer services specifically tailored to law firms. Together, the founding members of the Barrister Marketing Group provide more than 60 years of experience in the fields of marketing, public relations, and law.

 About Barrister Marketing Group

 Barrister Marketing Group is a joint venture of Marketing with Class, Strategic Advisers, and Three Point Marketing. Barrister Marketing Group understands lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession and their unique needs for traditional and digital communication services, guiding clients through a focused, practical approach to get the most from their marketing, public relations, and communication efforts.  For more information, visit