Michelle has seen professional service firms flourish and fail miserable when it comes to building and implementing marketing initiatives. As a former Marketing Director with a 100+ person accounting firm (11 ½ years) and now as consultant to the industry (8+ years and going strong), Michelle brings her experiences of successful marketing and business development efforts to you.

Working closely with professional service firms / B2B companies, Michelle assists the executive team or marketing teams with initiatives ranging from website, branding, internal / external communications, surveys to a variety of other tasks, designed to engage the sales and marketing functions of the company.

When Michelle isn’t leading webinars, presenting at industry conferences, or writing articles for publication to further her business, she enjoys her Crossfit workouts, dinner and drinks with friends and taxing / watching her three children participate in their sports (softball, baseball, basketball, football and soccer).

Below are a few of her career highlights and accomplishments:

Career Highlights

  • Won eight (8) Marketing Achievement Awards from the national Association for Accounting Marketing for programs she built and implemented
  • Built SEO/SEM measures into a company’s marketing mix – website and e-marketing initiatives – and within 60 days had secured three new clients, as well as opened the door to many more opportunities
  • Designed and built a new business reporting database to capture all opportunities, while reporting on ROI, referral tracking, sales leader and many other reports
  • Increased attendance and engagement at quarterly seminars / roundtable events by 250% in a five year period (also opened the door to many more opportunities for the company)

Community Recognitions

There is very little spare time in Michelle’s schedule now due to her children’s activities; however, she previously held positions with national and regional boards and was frequently quoted and published as a marketing authority figure across the nation. She was one of a 37-member team of marketing professionals nationally, who were sought to author a chapter in the AICPA’s released book, Bull’s Eye! The Ultimate How- To Marketing & Sales Guide for CPAs . Michelle’s chapter was titled, “Databases That Fuel Your Marketing Efforts.”