Marketing with Class rocks when our clients rock, so we structure our pricing to meet the needs of our clients. Though our pricing options are below, we work with our clients to ensure we stick to your budget, build a scope of the project (sometimes in phases) and evalute regularly to ensure we are focusing on the right efforts in order to get the best results:

  1. Monthly retainers: Perfect for those clients who have retained us to implement their marketing initiatives. The retainer is set at a certain amount of money and hours per month, so you can stick to your budget. Retainers include discounts and are generally for a period of six months or longer.
  2. Hourly billing is generally used for services or projects that are smaller and do not have a finite beginning and end (content development, press releases, award nominations, etc.)
  3. By Project (phase by phase in some cases): Our project costs are utilized for initiatives such as strategic marketing plan development, speaking engagements, training sessions or other initiatives that include a definite beginning and end.

We constantly strive to prove the return on your marketing investment and will work to create a program of reporting that works within your timelines.