Strategic Marketing Consultants

PHILOSOPHY: When our clients rock, we rock!

We understand budgets and work with our clients to build successful programs! Understanding the cost factor is half the battle and we will work with you to create high-level marketing programs (and processes, if needed) to ensure your audiences give you a standing ovation!

Our strategic approach to doing business is that we are only as successful as you are, so when you engage us, we become an extension of your company / marketing team!

Companies pride themselves on taglines. We have a great tagline Analysis * Strategy * Impact which is how we structure our business processes but it’s the sub-tagline that shows our strength: Newton’s Cradle: conserving momentum and energy by initiating a series of actions that impact the outcome.

  • We build marketing strategies upon a solid foundation, of more than two decades of experience, education and training
  • We are willing to jump ‘n’ at any level to assist with your planning / projects
  • We keep the ball rolling by focusing on the end results, questioning, measuring and evaluating success along the way

We believe in commitment to success and stand behind our work! If you like what we’re about, contact us now and let’s get to work!

LEADERSHIP: Michelle L. Class, owner/president

Michelle is a strategic marketing executive with over 20 years’ experience. She spent her first 11+ years with a professional service firm then branched into consulting in 2010. Her passion for determining strategic marketing initiatives and successfully implementing them has positioned her as one of the most sought after marketers.

Since starting her own business, she has helped companies with strategic marketing, rebranding and marketing implementation.

She has published articles in CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum, the Association for Accounting Marketing’s newsletter, and in Public Accounting Report (PAR). She also co-authored a chapter in the AICPA’s book, Bull’s Eye! The Ultimate How- To Marketing & Sales Guide for CPAs.

She held a national board position with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) from 2008-2010. Her initiatives, while working for a CICPAC member firm, won her firm eight Marketing Achievement Awards and she was named Volunteer of the Year in 2005 by the organization.

In her spare time, you’ll find her working out, adventuring in outdoor activities, refinishing furniture or with her three children at their sporting events (softball, baseball, football, basketball and soccer).