During a recent presentation,  Jodie Binning of Three Point Marketing and I shared our ideas for developing a client touch program. We shared this example of how companies can track and measure results. We encouraged our attendees to start by brainstorming all the current touch points you have with existing clients; odds are you are doing more than you think, it just may not be formalized (or successful, yet).

Once our attendees drafted their own client touch program example (or two), we asked them how they think they can measure the success of their program. Many great responses came from the audience, but again, the one item they were missing was the “how to plan, track and measure” their client engagement. Therefore, we developed this simple to use tracking file.

Let us know what you think about these tools and if you need assistance implementing a client touch program to ensure you are retaining your existing clients (as well as cultivating them to identify new opportunities), then call (859) 609-0371 or email us!