There is no question that the internet has changed the dynamics of marketing and has made many traditional marketing strategies obsolete.  Now, there are an endless number of ways that consumers and businesses can connect to brands, leaving the door open for an even greater number of impressions and opinions.

The online community is continuously judging – everything from brand image to customer service issues and company response time to those issues.  We are a society of information overload, highly impressionable and reactive.

So, how do businesses manage this new playing field – take control of the messages and use these new communication venues to their advantage? 

How do they reach customers at all online marketing
channels to generate the greatest growth for their business?

There are several ways to elevate and align your digital brand.   If implemented properly, marketing strategies capitalizing on this age of global internet communication can effectively increase sales, revenue and ROI for your marketing dollars.


Engaging customers in conversation is replacing dictating brand information to them.  Increasing your online presence via social network sites  will encourage customers to take those conversations to the next level, sharing the information they gain with their online communities.

If the content of your message is good and informative, the brand communication on social media will be a positive one. In addition, fewer dollars will be spent on marketing efforts because consumers will spread the message for you.


Another cost effective way to reach a large online audience is email.  Exceptional marketing efforts will include comprehensive management of email address lists and will track who is reading your messages and when they are reading them.

Again, good content development is essential.  Email distribution of various information sources including newsletters and webinars can be very successful in building your brand recognition.

Don’t try to do it yourself, use an online solution such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or Exact Target! They are great, cost-effective solutions for any size company.


Because almost half of internet users utilize search engines each day, a good marketing plan will need a good SEO strategy.  Your plan to drive more customers to your site should include several tactics involving content development, site performance and ease of use.

It is also important that your site has credible authority.  It should be a reference for other related sites and also link the consumer to websites that provide reinforcement and additional information.


Microsites are individual, stand-alone websites that function in tandem with a company’s website to highlight a specific product or service.  They can also provide editorial support for whatever it is you are trying to sell.  Many companies have used microsites  to successfully enhance their marketing plans.

Savvy digital marketers are analyzing what customers are searching for on the internet and analyzing what they see and do as a result of those searches.  They are looking closely at what those consumers are saying in their online discussions and evaluating the feedback they provide.

Using this information to create a strong message that is well-managed and aligned in every area of business – from customer service to operations – is critical to any marketing plan.  A solid digital message that is consistent and communicated across multiple channels will increase positive online chatter amongst consumers and in turn ensure the most bang for your marketing buck.

Are you ready to elevate and align your digital brand? Do you have other insight to offer?