We, for obvious reasons, love Harvey Mackay and his enthusiasm about how companies can and must be a “class act.” After all, when you have Class in your company name, you must abide by Mackay’s definition:

“a deep-seated way of life for those who possess it –
good manners, politeness, pride without showboating, empathy,
humility and an abundance of self-control.”

When I married 13 years ago and took the last name Class, I too realized what Mackay’s definition exemplifies… lofty expectations that had become what I was about, more than ever before!

What it means to be a true class act does define the expectations I have set for myself, personally and professionally.  Having class is about how people perceive you.  It comes from inside and shows in everything you do.

Mackay’s acronym of what it means to be a class act:









Using these characteristics in your firm can be incredibly beneficial to you and your clients. These characteristics attract successful people.  They make people want to do business with you – and what could be better professionally and for that matter, personally?

In his book “The Success Principles,” Jack Canfield lists “Be a Class Act” as Principle number 55. He writes

“People want to do business with you or become involved in your sphere of influence.
They perceive you as successful and someone who can expand their possibilities.
They trust you to act with responsibility, integrity and aplomb.
Class acts tend to attract people who are at the top of their game.”

If you do not have these attributes, it is never too late to change.  Set higher standards for yourself and change how you approach life.  Expect more of yourself and you will get more respect from those around you.  You will outshine your competitors, sometimes by just walking in a room. And you’ll attract the right employees, because they want to become a class act too!

Mackay believes that, “if you have class, you don’t need much of anything else to be a winner.” My husband and I were very excited to hear that! After all, when you have Class in your name, you better be a class act!