While taking a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can wipe up the marks on your wall in no time, it takes a little more effort to clean up your company’s data, or to even realize how dirty it is! When was the last time you dove into your client or customer database and clarified the integrity of that data? Is it clean? Are all the contact information nice and neat, with correct titles and addresses? Or is it dirty? Do you have the wrong contact information? Are data fields incompatible (is first name in the middle name field)?

Before taking out the mop, here are some questions to ask about your email and snail mail campaigns to evaluate the cleanliness of your data:

Email: Make sure your system will provide analytical data, so you can clean up the data lists

  • What percentage of your emails are actually delivered? According to a NetProspex report, most companies will deliver approximately 75% of their data, but the cleaner that data, the more success you’ll have, so strive for 90% deliverability rate.
  • What percentage of your contacts unsubscribe? Knowing this number is of importance to reaching your target audience; however, the number is more important to clarifying whether your readers / audience are enjoying your content. Content is king – make it relevant and fun, so everyone wants to read your emails. When you start to notice your unsubscribed numbers are going up, it’s time to consider reevaluating your content, and maybe starting to juice it up.
  • If you are pushing readers to your website, what is your website’s bounce rate? To understand this, again consider content relevancy. Don’t think that sending them to your homepage will entice them to explore your website in search of what they’re looking for. Readers will get bored, fast. Other than sending them to your homepage, send them to a customized landing page, based on their click through.

Snail Mail: Snail mail is getting more expensive each year. This is causing more companies to pull regular mail as part of their strategy. What’s your plan? Here are some questions to ask:

  • What percentage of your mailings get delivered? If this number is 90% or better, don’t stop – just hone your message to encourage action. Consider landing pages on your website, a custom telephone number or process to track calls from the campaign, or how about a targeted (you must target for success) telemarketing program? If your return mail is more than 20%, stop now! Clean your data… confirm the information… and then start a fresh-n-new targeted campaign.
  • How many calls do you receive asking you to take someone off your mailing list? If this is more than 10% of your mailings, then you are not sending the right message. Some may call just to confirm they like email more – capture these! Have a process with the individual receiving the call to ask the right questions – such as “I will take you off our mailing list, but would you be interested in getting information from us via email?”

To fully grasp the need to clean up your company’s data, read NetProspex’s full report! Survey on evaluating data. And if you need help cleaning your data to prepare a more comprehensive marketing program, contact us today!