Virtual 1:1 Consultation

with Michelle Class

Virtual consultation, with a 20+ year veteran marketer, is an easy choice to get your questions answered. She will connect with you via a scheduled Microsoft Teams meeting and get to work! Her passion is to guide clients through process development, brainstorming, marketing strategy development, and to help answer any questions regarding marketing best practices.

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Who We Help

Our consultations work closely with marketers and small business owners to develop marketing plans and programs every day. If you are working on your company’s strategic marketing plan, starting a plan from scratch, or struggling with a project and need to brainstorm with an experienced professional, we are here for you.

How It Works

We will spend approximately an hour, via Microsoft Teams meeting, discussing your business, goals, and existing marketing strategy/programs. Participants will be able to share screens if needed to show examples or current project information. The final 5-10 minutes will be a review of the initiatives discussed and we will follow up with a draft plan to help you execute your marketing.

What's Included

A 60-minute virtual consultation with Michelle Class, Founder and President of Marketing with Class LLC. Not every session is exactly alike, but the majority of initial consultations follow this timeline:

  • 15 minutes: Discuss your business and current marketing strategy/programs
  • 35-40 minutes: Discuss the topics, issues, or plans for your marketing
  • 5-10 minutes: Discuss next steps and take aways that will be provided


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How Master Marketing with Class Began

Assisting clients any way I can has always been my passion. I provide strategic vision, implementation help, and the tools necessary to do the work themselves, if they so desire. This isn’t every Marketing Consultant’s credence… most keep their tools secret and the client has to pay them to do the work. Guess I’m wired differently; I like to teach and train.

After a year of planning, I decided to offer my tools to a broader network. The tools aren’t 100% finalized yet, but I’m excited to begin launching them starting 2-2-22. My plan is to launch a new product every few weeks and be available to consult on any marketing matter.

  • Maybe you’re stuck?
  • Maybe you need an independent source to brainstorm your ideas?
  • Maybe you have a large project and need help prioritizing the action items?
  • Maybe you’ve been tasked to create the Marketing Plan for your company and you don’t know where to start?

I’ve been there many times over and now I’m ready to help you, so don’t struggle and waste time researching like I did. I wanna help you become more productive and efficient, which will hopefully launch you into a higher marketing role.

Michelle Class

A strategic marketing executive with over 20 years’ experience, I started my career with a mid-sized accounting firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. After nearly 12 years (and three children) later, I launched my consulting business with a handful of B2B companies across the nation. My passion for determining strategic marketing initiatives and successfully implementing them has positioned me as one of the most sought after marketers.

I held a national board position with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) from 2008-2010. My initiatives, while working in Corporate America, won my firm eight (8) Marketing Achievement Awards and was named Volunteer of the Year in 2005.

Being my own boss means flexibility with my time. A normal day for me is spent working, exercising, being outside (if it’s warm), refinishing furniture, or enjoying practices or games with my three athletic children.