When this year’s olympic athletes took over the TV world, it was amazing to me, how many connections I made to the athletes, coaches and even sponsors. Not personal connections, but connections in the way they were performing, doing business, running their teams and managing multiple initiatives at one time. This happens to all of us in business, in our personal lives and yes, even in our dream worlds.

So, as I read the article posted today from Investors.com, “How Great Sports Coaches Create Successful Teams,” I knew I had to repurpose it for my blog followers. Here it goes, the four tips you need to follow to ensure you are creating a successful team (substitute successful firm, successful spouse, or successful mentor):

  1. Be authentic – Understand that there is more than one way to get to the top, and well, it might not be your way.
  2. Listen – Listen attentively, evaluate quietly as you learn, and when the time is right, consider what improvements need to be implemented
  3. Speak the truth – Sugar-coating the situation is not a good plan. Be sure to speak about the issues candidly, openly and encourage feedback. Many times, the solution(s) will present themselves.
  4. Bond – Without creating a bond between you and your team, you are simply running around like a chicken with its head cut off (or maybe your team members are). To solidify the bond, I’ll refer back to #1-3 above… be authentic, listen and speak the truth. Do not pretend to be someone you are not.

As you venture onto developing teams for success – albiet, a team of one or a team of 10,000 – following these four simple tips will definitely add value to you, your team, your management and your company. Do you have other tips to share regarding building teams for success?