Although we had never created a product catalog before, our new client, Original Depler, believed that we could design and develop exactly what she needed! Amanda Voss was determined to have a printed catalog that not only impressed any wholesalers who may purchase her products, but she wanted every individual who came in contact with the catalog to have an “experience” when they held it.

The Challenge

Create a product catalog to showcase the Original Depler barware, wallets, purses and accessories to entice anyone who comes in contact with it to purchase!

The Solution

Marketing with Class was challenged with developing product descriptions (copywriting) and managing the project with external collaborative partner, Take Notice, who was utilized to design the catalog.

Amanda sums up her experience:

“Once we started working with Michelle (copywriter / project manager) and Fred (senior graphic designer), we knew they would create an amazing product and meet all deadlines. They are both very organized and direct, which helps when you are on a tight deadline as we were. The catalog is amazing! It has the look, feel and flexibility to be exactly what we’ll need to make Original Depler stand out at SuperZoo 2013 (National Show for Pet Retailers) in Vegas.”

The Process

The project was on a tight deadline to get the copy written and the catalog designed and produced in time for the Las Vegas conference event. Here is the timeline we utilized in order to get the project done on time:

  • June 1 – Approval of the product list for the catalog (Amanda)
  • June 10 – Product descriptions submitted to Original Depler (Michelle)
  • June 14 – Product descriptions approved / feedback received and all photography completed (Amanda)
  • June 14 – Layout and design begins (Fred)
  • June 28 – Draft of full catalog sent to Original Depler and Marketing with Class (Fred)
  • July 3 – All revisions submitted (Amanda / Michelle)
  • July 3 – All revisions incorporated (Fred)
  • July 10 – Brochure uploaded to printer (Fred)
  • July 16 – Meet with printer to approve (Amanda)
  • July 17 – Brochures delivered to Original Depler and a portion mailed to Vegas (printer)

As you can tell, this was no easy project to tackle, but with pre-planning to develop the timeline, all parties were aware of the deadlines that needed to be met in order to have the final catalog ready in time for the largest show of the year!

It is with collaborative partners that Marketing with Class can provide these holistic solutions to our clients. We work with the companies that best match our clients’ needs and personalities.

Big thanks to Fred Miller at Take Notice for his amazing design skills to get it right the first time and to Amanda Voss at Original Depler for challenging Marketing with Class to complete our first B2B / B2C product catalog. It was fun and we can’t wait for our next project!