Uniquely Engaging the Laws of Motion

Marketing isn’t built on speed and velocity, but it is about the direction of moving forward! Whether it’s website design and development, building strategy, processes or initiatives, or needing assistance with implementation; MWC is not like other consultants, we build a plan so we can do our job, and you can focus on yours, without tying you into long-term engagement contracts.

Website Design and Development

Websites fueled to launch our clients ahead of the competition.

Building a website from scratch or refreshing an outdated one? I bet you want a team who listens, guides your thoughts, understands your mission and needs, creates a site that works seamlessly, and is maintained effortlessly (and without breaking the bank). Comprised of a project manager, technical team and a graphic designer, our team does just that.

  • Build websites via a WordPress template, customized to your needs

  • Understanding the customer journey for optimizing the site structure

  • Assistance with blogging and social media posts

Strategy Consultations

Too many ideas swirling around…
we help find the ideas that works, see what doesn’t and focus efforts.

Unsure which marketing initiatives are the right ones to focus on for your business to grow? Our team will consult with your team to discuss what’s been working, what hasn’t worked, what resources are available, and your budget / expected expenses. Once all the items are laid out, we will guide and direct you on the best, most efficient, initiatives for your business’s success.

  • Brainstorm a strong marketing strategy for your business

  • Identify the necessary strategies for your marketing plan

  • Conduct sessions to define the strategy and the actions that should be in place (along with who is responsible for implementation of each)

Marketing Implementation

Tired of banging your head
we engage with clients to eliminate the activities that lead to this behavior.

We know that thousands of marketing ideas get tossed around constantly, but evaluating which ones carry merit is not always easy. Our team will help prioritize your initiatives and can assist with implementation, so your team can focus on driving the opportunities that lead your business to growing the bottom line.

  • Prioritize and rank initiatives for focused implementation

  • Take care of tasks so your internal team is more efficient and effective

  • Become an extension of your marketing team during busy seasons

Ready to Conserve Your Team’s Energy & Make and Impact?