Relate Purpose of Meeting (for print version, click on image)

  • Brief overview of why this meeting is taking place (meeting leader)
  • Discuss opportunity(ies) for growth (firm revenue, niche / industry sector, service area)
  • Toughest challenges / competition in the area
  • Short and long-term goals / metrics for success
  • Key performance indicators / timeline for measuring

 Marketing Needs

  • Current marketing initiatives in place
  • Feedback / Insights on current initiatives (likes / dislikes / work / won’t work)
  • Brainstorm ideas for future initiatives

Next Steps

  • Assign champion of the strategic initiative
  • Evaluate, identify and draft action items
  • Draft minutes from meeting – must be approved by champion (assign action items to individuals)
  • Set next meeting and deadlines for action items to be completed

NOTE: Create a playground at the bottom of your agenda to place all items that may take you off track during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, discuss who and how the playground will be tackled.