Does your company want to make a difference in the lives and businesses of the clients it serves? If so, it must recognize the vital importance of the marketer. Marketing professionals have the desire to move a company forward – which sometimes starts by transforming the perception of marketing/sales within your company. There are four ways marketing professionals can assist in order to move a company forward:

  1. Increase the number of clients served or products sold
  2. Increase transaction frequency with current clients / buyers (cross-serve / selling)
  3. Increase the average price to the client
  4. Increase your firm’s effectiveness with every process

The ultimate goal of companies is to make their client’s experience amazing. This can be easily accomplished by working together – from staff to senior to manager to partner levels. However, don’t forget others that influence the overall client experience… the marketing professional(s), technology experts, and the administrative staff. Without cooperation from the entire company and good leadership, a client’s experience could be tarnished at any point along the way. A former maven in the accounting industry, Mr. Paul Dunn – You are still missed 10 years later! (Love this article from AccountingWeb on “Whatever Happened to Paul Dunn?“) described a great leader as “someone who takes a group of people much further than they believe they could go.” A great leader does not necessarily signify someone in upper management; it can be anyone in the organization – enter the marketing professional.

So, how can you assist your marketing director become the core of your company?

Don’t follow a trend, be a trend creator

Companies are notorious for performing tasks as they have been done in the past (What I refer to as the SALY Method – Same As Last Year) – without creating the excitement of change or a new process. With the internet, it’s easy to research markets, programs, processes and bring more creative ideas into the world that have been tried. One idea from Elizabeth Peaslee, Travelocity’s former VP of Customer Experience is “the implementation of the idea of a customer experience discipline. Before, we’d think about doing user testing, or taking learnings from past projects, if we had the time. Now with this discipline, we WILL test: prior to development, in design, and then after launch.”  Obviously Elizabeth and her team put a process in place to ensure a positive client experience. Implementing it was not easy, but by developing educational training it ensured what the discipline included and how members of the Travelocity Customer Experience Team were to execute it.

Don’t let your bad clients drive out good clients

Every company has clients who are considered “bad.” This can be clients who don’t pay on time, are high maintenance and low revenue-generators, a squeaky wheel, or ones who have not worked well with your employees for whatever reasons.

These bad clients can make or break your company depending on how you choose to deal with them. Always remember to ratify their issues – it may mean they switch providers, but be sure it’s in as positive of a manner as possible.

Know that a marketing professional can enhance the overall client experience in your company. Marketers don’t just plan to meet client expectations, they help exceed them. Creating a positive atmosphere will not only change the physical performance and emotions evoked, but will ultimately lead to increased reputation, revenue and work performance for everyone at your company.