A Client Story Demonstrating the Impact of Customer Surveys

How confident are you in the customer service quality your business provides?

Are you certain about where the opportunities are for improvement and growth?

The individuals at Nickerson Business Supplies, an office products supplier to tri-state companies, were pretty confident that their customer service was great.  In fact, during our first meeting, the President of the company stated “our customer service is ‘kick ass’.” 

Even though he was in total belief, he knew it was time to survey their customers and prove this theory, along with their astonishing 97% customer retention rate. To be honest, I was a little concerned about the confidence level and needed to have data to help back up these claims!

Backing up thoughts and feelings with concrete facts is one of the best marketing tactics to solidify a company’s strengths and to identify weaknesses; however, Nickerson wanted to make absolutely sure they knew what their customers thought, could identify any weak areas and seize any opportunities to make their customer’s experiences even stronger.

The Project

In January, 2014 Nickerson hired and challenged us to put their convictions to the test by conducting a customer feedback survey. We started by designing the survey questions, utilized Survey Monkey and without much effort, secured a 32.6% response rate (unheard of when the average survey response rate is ~10%!; however, we did offer an incentive gift, a pair of Studio Beats® headphones.) With over 200 responses to the survey, a portion of which included open-ended questions, the analysis phase was challenging, yet fun. With all the informative and insightful feedback, it was amazing to see what customers really think of Nickerson Business Supplies.

Survey Responses

Customers confirmed the “kick ass” theory and much more amazing feedback about the company’s culture, people, products and service ensued!

Below are a few statistics showing the amazing input received (click image to view larger):

  • Product availability and delivery speed ranked at 100% satisfaction.
  • Almost half of the customers surveyed listed NO WEAKNESSES.
  • 100% of respondents rated the delivery drivers, sales representatives and customer service team members as “best,” “good” or “very good.”

“We are more than pleased to discover that our perceptions were accurate as it relates to our customer service,” said Chuck Inwood, President.  “It was important for us to know for certain how we were doing and discover areas where we could improve; after all, no company is perfect.”

The Results

The survey gave customers the opportunity to share their opinions through testimonials, another great marketing tool for small to medium-sized businesses. Seventy-seven percent (77%) responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback that Nickerson can now utilize to market its products and services and expand its brand reputation.

“There is always room for improvement and growth,” Chuck added. “At Nickerson, we never want to settle.  We will strive to continually exceed customer expectations and the only way to do that is to ask our customers what they think, listen to what they have to say and respond by making improvements.”

Regardless of what you perceive your customer satisfaction rate to be, you cannot be certain until you ask your customers point blank what they think. And good or bad, the results of a survey should drive how you do business.

One final question, would you be interested in saving money on your office supplies and having exceptional customer service? If so, contact Nickerson Business Supplies today to learn how much you can save and tell them Marketing with Class sent you!

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