Marketers must have a clear understanding of many, if not all, of the traits noted in 5 Traits of a Successful B2B Sales Professional.  In many ways, marketers are sales professionals too, but their target market is slightly different. A marketer’s role is to build and implement the programs necessary to position the sales professional and management team for success.

From leading projects from a lateral marketing position, and internally marketing to their management, they need the following:

6 Traits of a Successful B2B Marketing Professional

  1. Exceptional Leadership – Skills to lead a project, as well as manage people, are critical to get things done.  Marketers need to think strategically in order to see the big picture, in essence to align a company’s marketing strategy with what it takes to produce results.
  2. Analytical Thinking – Understanding what it takes and what is needed to produce results is essential. Without analytical and critical thinking skills, a marketer may be able to produce, but cannot tie their initiatives to results – thus less results will be achieved.
  3. Be Approachable – A marketer needs to find innovative ways to get things done, even when management and other professionals seem unresponsive to their needs. Being approachable is key to finding and utilizing the key resources necessary to develop and execute programs.
  4. Friendly and Diplomatic – Most marketing professionals are personable and friendly; however, being diplomatic and understanding that people’s minds work differently is key to a marketer’s success.
  5. Product / Service Knowledge – Just like a sales professional, marketing professionals must clearly understand the product / service they are marketing. As a word of advice, always have an expert check over a marketer’s work to ensure the key messages are conveyed appropriately, after all, the experts in your industry are experts for that reason!
  6. Process Development – Planning and developing a process for each project is imperative for a marketer’s success. If your marketing professional is employed to put out fires and to not think strategically, I urge you to either provide training to that individual for growth strategically or to seek another individual who can build an approach for measuring, managing and getting results.

Because many marketing professionals are also in charge of establishing or building the company’s brand, they must clearly define what initiatives are in place to help gain credibility, maintain / enhance referrals, and focus on the initiatives that highlight the company’s expertise, uniqueness and image as a whole.

Unlike the sales professional, the marketer is almost always working with a formal, defined plan of action.  Marketers are charged with more of the day-to-day initiatives surrounding creating / reinforcing the brand, promotion of services / products and communicating the firm’s message to outside sources. Check out our Job Description for a B2B Marketing Director for more specifics.

Remember: The traits of a marketing professional can help to establish what the sales professional role is and help in identifying and increasing new business.