Picture it: You’re heading to a concert tonight to see your favorite band perform. You’ve been waiting for weeks and the excitement is growing rapidly. However, when you get there and the band comes out on stage the lead guitarist doesn’t have a guitar. As the rest of the band starts to play, the guitarist does nothing more than strum at the air, leaving him to look silly and you and the rest of the audience very confused and disappointed.

Lack of a marketing strategy can emulate this situation. If your business has no strategic marketing plan, your results could end up being like a concert with an air guitar. When you have no plan you:

  • Have no direction on where you’re going,
  • Are throwing away money,
  • Are not tied to metrics for success or planned initiatives, and
  • You are wasting time because you are shooting from the hip.

No plan of action results in sporadic efforts that often leave you and your customers feeling dazed and confused. When your marketing is unplanned, you’re spending time yet achieving minimal, if any, results, which is not only wasting your time but lots of money. If you’re spending money on marketing without a plan, chances are you’re not increasing revenue or driving business opportunities for your company. Not having a plan = not achieving the goals of your company.

Lets flash back to the concert. Same scenario, except this time the guitarist comes out with a Gibson Les PaulTM and starts to play the first chords to your favorite song. The entire concert turns out to be everything you hoped it would be and everyone has a great time. Marketing with a strategic plan can be like that: time well spent and a company achieving explosive results.

Having a strategic marketing plan results in:

  • Time well spent to focus efforts on what works,
  • No surprise costs (except contingency / opportunities that arrive unexpectedly, but hey, we plan for these too),
  • Tying initiatives to company goals / objectives, and
  • Time that is well-planned, effective efforts and therefore results are impactful.

If you’re playing air guitar and NOT planning any of your marketing efforts appropriately, we have one question for you: Why aren’t you? Taking time to plan your marketing will not only save you time, money and process time, but it will create lasting results that make a huge impact!

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